Cryptid Sighting in Elkton

I tend to have a pretty logical mind about most things, but I saw the elusive Chupacabra in the wee hours Sunday morning.

What else could it have been? What I saw looked a little more dog-like (if you clicked on the link above, it didn’t looking like the sketches but rather the actual pictures as you scrolled down). It was dark, so my headlights caught the reflection of its eyes first.

The creature was trotting down the middle of the road – heading straight for me. As I slowed down, it veered off the road and into a cow pasture (thankfully one without goats!)

The entire incident was only seconds long. At first, the logical part of my brain said ‘gray wolf’ but then I realized we don’t have any gray wolves in this part of the country. I knew right then and there with the cryptozoological vortex being so close by, it had to be a Chupacabra – what else could it have been?!

For more information about the cryptozoological vortex, check out Within Emerald Forests!

About Heather Hamel

Growing up with horses is a little girls dream come true. Heather’s dream in life was to be a horse trainer - how dreams change - sort of! She moved to the wonderfully historic town of St. Augustine, Florida and was a historic tour guide and a ghost story teller while putting herself through college to become a special education teacher. After graduating, she felt the pull of horses in her life again. That's when she met Kobi! She learned quickly that when you own horses you become a part time vet, part time nutritionist, and full time equestrian. She wouldn't change a thing! In addition to being completely obsessed with her herd, she still teaches and tutors students with learning disabilities, and more specifically, dyslexia.
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