Human fly mask

Over the last few years I’ve vented about the out of control gnats we have, even nicknaming the swinging arm movement to keep gnats out of our eyes the ‘Elkton Wave’.

Well, the wee little beasties are back this year with a vengeance.  It seems that every year there is a theory behind their numbers: too mild of a winter, too cold of a winter, too dry of a spring, too wet of a spring – you get the idea.

This year, I figured if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em:


About Heather Hamel

Growing up with horses is a little girls dream come true. Heather’s dream in life was to be a horse trainer - how dreams change - sort of! She moved to the wonderfully historic town of St. Augustine, Florida and was a historic tour guide and a ghost story teller while putting herself through college to become a special education teacher. After graduating, she felt the pull of horses in her life again. That's when she met Kobi! She learned quickly that when you own horses you become a part time vet, part time nutritionist, and full time equestrian. She wouldn't change a thing! In addition to being completely obsessed with her herd, she still teaches and tutors students with learning disabilities, and more specifically, dyslexia.
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3 Responses to Human fly mask

  1. Toni says:

    It may look silly but it works!!! Lol 🙂

  2. Bonnie A. Holtz says:

    What a great funny way to start my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck and thank you! Love Aunt Bonnie


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