Decisions, decisions

My Attention Deficit Disorder is rearing its ugly head again!  While looking through my latest edition of Writer’s Digest, they had the top 101 websites for writers, so I had to check at least some of them out.

While on one that showed upcoming conferences, I found one in June in St. Pete for the Historical Novel Society.  Everyone who knows me, knows of my love for history…so I started digging deeper.  One of my all time favorite adult authors, Diana Gabaldon is one of the readers on Saturday night and another one of my idols, Steve Berry, is the guest of honor at dinner.  Talk about a win/win situation for me!  Not to mention pitch session with agents, critiques, and the ever important conference learning sessions.  Needless to say, I’m signed up.

Now, for my dilemma…

1.  I have every intention of pitching Murder of Crows, but it needs some revision – not a big deal.

2.  Not everyone knows this, but years ago (before I wrote Kobi’s story) I have a western-ish story set during Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Experience mostly written.  I put it on the shelf to work on Kobi’s story and when I went back to it, realized it needed MAJOR rewrites…not too big of a deal.

3.  I’m in the process of writing my first draft of a four book MG series, which I planned to have done by June.

As my dear friend Kristin Paul and I discussed yesterday, if I didn’t have to work (or could exist on two hours of sleep a day), I could do it all.  But with this conference coming up the end of June, I need to make some decisions…(This is where I need some help).

Do I stick with plan A – continue to work on the cryptozoological series to hopefully have the crappy first draft done by June, then revise Murder of Crows, and still have Buffalo Bill on the back-burner without any more done to it?

Plan B – Revise Murder of Crows, begin rewrites on Buffalo Bill, and work on the series when inspired or in June?

Plan C – Do it all and sleep two hours a day until school gets out (Seriously?  I’m just kidding on this one…or am I??!!)

Respond and let me know what you think!

About Heather Hamel

Growing up with horses is a little girls dream come true. Heather’s dream in life was to be a horse trainer - how dreams change - sort of! She moved to the wonderfully historic town of St. Augustine, Florida and was a historic tour guide and a ghost story teller while putting herself through college to become a special education teacher. After graduating, she felt the pull of horses in her life again. That's when she met Kobi! She learned quickly that when you own horses you become a part time vet, part time nutritionist, and full time equestrian. She wouldn't change a thing! In addition to being completely obsessed with her herd, she still teaches and tutors students with learning disabilities, and more specifically, dyslexia.
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4 Responses to Decisions, decisions

  1. Bonnie A. Holtz says:

    Good morning Heather, Great news that you are attending such an event. I am no scholar on giving advice, just a viewpoint. You are a very accomplished woman, ambitious, and talented in varied areas. You will sell yourself with your personality and being who you sincerely are. Being able to juggle as many plates as you do is a plus! People admire those that set the bar high, you may not jump high enough to clear the bar, but how wonderful to know you tried! Knocking the bar down, means you took the challenge. I would encourage you to set your bar high, focus on what is possible to do well, and be patient, you may be able to do more. You would not want to attend the conference and have a defeatist heart, for we as human are transparent. Be focused, continue to work hard and turn your concerns into energy. Thinking of you, Aunt Bonnie


  2. Roy says:

    Number One Priority – Finish Murder of Crows.
    Give it ALL of your attention.
    It’s good; it’s worth it.
    Do it. NOW!

  3. Mom says:

    Go with plan BBBBBBBB. By all means

  4. Julia Frederick says:

    Hi Heather, I think the plan you came up with is a realistic one. It seems logical and “do-able”. It’s smart of you to write it out and get input, of course…the answer comes to you, doesn’t it? Good plan – stick to it – and be sure to give yourself a few little treats as you go! Julia

    On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 6:16 AM, Heather Hamel

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