Thank You!

On a non-related note, I would like to say a very special thank you to Doug Willis, the manager of Outback Steakhouse in St. Augustine.

Les and I were out on Sunday, celebrating our 11 year anniversary. Every year, we go to the Outback since that’s where we had our first date. This year we had a gift certificate from one of the families that I tutor. We had a fabulous time and used the entire $50 gift certificate. When we paid the bill, we asked her to check to make sure the gift certificate was valid. Les just had this feeling, and I’ve always worried when I give one that it was not authorized correctly and there wouldn’t be any money on the cards I give.

Good thing we stuck around. There was no balance left on the card. The manager came out and explained the situation to us. He asked if we wanted him to investigate for us; it would only take a few minutes and he gave us some drinks while we waited.

A few minutes later he came back out. The card was activated there on November 3 and used an hour later. He had a couple of theories on how and why this could have happened. He offered to do more research, but it would take some time and he could get back with me the next day. I took him up on the offer for more information. Then he did something amazing – he took care of the bill for us.

How amazing. I’m sure there are people out there scamming the system, but those of you who know me well, know that I’m as honest as the day is long.

So a very special thank you to Doug Willis, and next time you are out and about, please stop by Outback and help me repay them by giving them great publicity and your business.

About Heather Hamel

Growing up with horses is a little girls dream come true. Heather’s dream in life was to be a horse trainer - how dreams change - sort of! She moved to the wonderfully historic town of St. Augustine, Florida and was a historic tour guide and a ghost story teller while putting herself through college to become a special education teacher. After graduating, she felt the pull of horses in her life again. That's when she met Kobi! She learned quickly that when you own horses you become a part time vet, part time nutritionist, and full time equestrian. She wouldn't change a thing! In addition to being completely obsessed with her herd, she still teaches and tutors students with learning disabilities, and more specifically, dyslexia.
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